Who Is A Great Jazz Singer?

Alas for those that never sing,
But die with all their music in them.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

It was not until I had parked my 4Runner at Cal State Fullerton's parking structure, that I realized I had driven from L.A to school without the sound of Rihanna, Taio Cruz, and Ludacris bursting through my speakers. In fact, I realized I had not touched my stereo for the past three days. Music is my therapy, but if I have to hear Rihanna one more time then I just might go insane! Tell that women she's the only girl in the world so she can shut up! Don't get me wrong, I love Rihanna and her different shades of lipstick, that only she can pull off. Blame it on KIIS, Power and AMP Radio for repeating the same songs!

It's amazing what a group can do, that one can not. If that's the case, I prefer one. I say this because I've researched some remarkable artists that are unfamiliar to many people, yet incredibly better than most celebrity music artists. Check out jazz singer Jane Monheit sing "I'm through With Love" below!