When Does Makeup Expire?

Food expires, and so does make-up. Even if the color is discontinued, or if you still have some left you need to throw it out. Expired foundation can cause break outs and expired mascara can cause a pink eye infection. If you can't remember when you bought it, throw it out! Most of you women will probably have an empty make-up bag after reading this, but most make-up expires after a year so you have plenty of time to save for the new year.

Foundation- One year.

Mascara- Every three months. When I purchase a new toothbrush, I buy a new mascara.

Blush/Powder- Two years.

Lipliner/ Lipstick- Two years.

Lipgloss- 18 months.

Nail Polish- One year.

Eye Liner- Two years.

Concealer- One year.

Eyeshadow- Two years.