How Do I Curl My Eyelashes With A Spoon?

If your eyelashes are like mine- thin and straight- you may have trouble getting them curled. I have purchased every eyelash curler that has been recommended to me: Tarte, Revlon, Shiseido, Shu Uemura, and too many more.

Last Saturday, I spent ten minutes perfecting my eyelashes making sure they were curled and long before stepping foot into Sharky's in Hermosa Beach. Ten minutes after stepping foot outside my home, they were back to their usual-selves- straight. I didn't have a second to fan my eyes and flirt my way to a free drink!

I discussed this minor dilemma of mine to a friend, who told me she never uses a curler! She shared her spoon-curler secret with moi, and may I add, her eyelashes always look great!

Below is a tutorial on curling your eyelashes with a spoon. Yes, it does work miracles!